"For over 15 years as a client, and for three separate restaurant groups, I've watched my competitors try to mimic my commercials and my schedules. When they outspend you in your markets and then find they can't crack your share, that's a good feeling. About 85% of our marketing dollars are in radio, and I attribute our success there to Franklin Raff."

B. Ritenour, President
BHR Properties Inc

As North America's radiocentric advertising and consultancy firm, we offer unusually effective creative production, frugal media purchasing and management, and highly innovative scheduling, promotions, and co-operative marketing solutions for local/direct clients as well as stations, networks, and agencies.

If you are an advertiser, working with us means that you get more ears for your dollar because we turn "media negotiations," through intimacy and transparency, and because we understand the peculiarities of the business, into long-term strategic partnerships with media outlets. It means that your creative is memorable, penetrating, and persuasive.

We simply work hard, and smart, to deliver results. This saves you a great deal of money, drastically improves ROI, and invariably encourages long-term commitment to the medium. This, in turn, allows radio to do what it uniquely does best: deliver increasing results over time.

Raff Radio clients learn they can depend on radio's phenomenal power as a sales tool. Our radio partners strive all the more to deliver value.

It is a thrilling symbiosis.

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