"Franklin Raff is highly resourceful and highly trustworthy, no matter how challenging or sensitive the project."

J. Ballabon, Senior VP Communications, CBS News

"In our nearly seven years working together, Franklin Raff has helped make fortunes for my advertisers. Moreover he is a man of integrity, loyalty, and extraordinary character."

G. Gordon Liddy

"Franklin and I have been working on radio sales projects for over a decade. He understands the art and science of accountable, results-oriented radio marketing, he is truly a master of our trade, and he's funny as heck. Put that in there."

L. Cain, GSM, Clear Channel Communications / Advantage Systems Interactive

"Franklin is a star producer and top imaging guy. He's been moving the needle in the way of products and services for radio advertisers for many years now. He knows radio's true potential and how to harness it locally."

C Marcucci, Managing Director and Senior Editor, Radio and Television Business Report

"Franklin is the pre-eminent talk radio producer in the world today."

J. Farah, Founder, Executive Editor, / WND Books

"I've known Franklin for a long time. He's very knowledgeable in the field of radio, and more important, he's completely trustworthy."

G.Borsari, Principal, Borsari&Paxson Communications Law

"Franklin is the best radioman of his generation. Whatever the goal, if radio is in the mix, Franklin is the call."

W. Cox, Cox Broadcast Group Inc.

"Raff's spots are among the very best I have heard in four decades in this business."

T. Lewis, GM, Grassroots Radio Network

"I first met Franklin when I hired him as a teenage radio intern. He has been committed to excellence in radio ever since."

J. Robinson, President, ABC Radio Networks

"Raff's memorable tenure as VP/Acting GM of WYBC-FM coincided with a [persons 12+ AQH] share increase from 2.3 to 6.1 and from 7th to 2nd place in the metro market. The numbers speak for themselves."

W. Schmidt, OM, WYBC

"For over 15 years as a client, and for three separate restaurant groups, I've watched my competitors try to mimic my commercials and my schedules. When they outspend you in your markets and then find they can't crack your share, that's a good feeling. About 85% of our marketing dollars are in radio, and I attribute our success there to Franklin Raff."

B. Ritenour, President, BHR Properties Inc.