Intrusive, intimate, targetable, immediate, wildly flexible, radio – word of mouth multiplied- can deliver unparalleled reach/frequency value and, when used properly, increasing returns on your advertising dollar. Radio is exceptional in this last respect.

Few firms, however, harness the talent, industry and negotiating experience, focused creativity, frugal business sense, vision, and raw passion needed to bring radio’s full potential to bear.

Raff Radio was created in order to marry these qualities with innovative media management and scheduling systems in order to deliver better media prices for advertisers and greater response and results for each pair of "leased ears."

We have produced and measured the effectiveness of hundreds of campaigns. We have managed radio and other media in markets worldwide, large and small, for the smallest "mom 'n pop" businesses as for, for instance, one of the largest banks in the world.

We have made some mistakes, we have experienced some extraordinary successes, and we have helped build large businesses from scratch on peppercorn marketing budgets. While we delight in studying the innumerable histories, campaigns, and “rules” of the changing landscape of advertising, we have also learned countless first-hand lessons. As a result, we know when, why, and how to break the rules.

We have garnered, over time, a healthy conservatism when it comes to your dollars. Radio takes a little time to blow your socks off. We will indeed be on the air selling for you night and day, but that doesn’t mean you should ever lose sleep over advertising expenses.

We do embrace a few “radical” approaches to radio buying, scheduling and creative. Innovation is a necessity. Your sales efforts require it and our industry leadership affords it. At the same time, unlike so many “sexy” creative shops, we do not play dice with your money. Ads that don't sell may win awards, but they are entertainment, and expensive entertainment at that. We are well aware of the stakes. At the end of the day, a radio advertisement is a sales call, multiplied, and must be held accountable.

We are proud to grow with our clients, to have the loyalty, work ethic, and creative fortitude to be able to grow with our clients. What do “loyalty” and "creative fortitude" mean in advertising? As of this year, we have handled all radio for one of our clients for sixteen nonstop years on the air.Through the variable seasons of business and economic fluctuations, that's almost two decades of creative innovation, meticulous planning, and steady sales increases for our client. You can’t be a one-trick pony, you can’t preen for industry acclaim, and you can’t be lazy if you want to pull that off.

It all starts with a chat. Let’s talk about your business, your category, your market, your challenges, and your objectives. Let’s share information and perhaps a few war stories. If we find it’s a match – if we can boost your sales in an affordable and sustainable way using this remarkable medium – let’s get started.